Donald Trump Enters The WWE Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
Donald Trump Into WWE Hall of Fame
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WWE has announced today that Donald Trump will be inducted into the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame this year.

The main reason Trump has been chosen to be inducted this year is because the Hall of Fame ceremony takes place in Madison Square Garden. New York City is Trump’s hometown, so there is no other place more appropriate for him to enter than this year.

Trump has always been a fan of the WWE and is good friends with Vince McMahon in real life. Trump hosted both WrestleMania IV and V from Trump Plaza. This marked the first and only time a WrestleMania has been held at the same venue in consecutive years.

Younger fans will probably remember him best being involved in WrestleMania 23. It was billed as the “Battle of the Billionaires”, with Trump’s representative Bobby Lashley beating McMahon’s representative Umaga. Trump got to shave McMahon’s hair off at the event.

There was even a storyline when Trump bought Monday Night Raw off of McMahon in 2009. He staged an historic commercial-free version of the show, which was one of the highest rated Raw shows in many years at the time.

Some fans are still complaining about the point of the “celebrity wing” of the WWE Hall of Fame. In WWE’s defense, it’s a good way to bring in some added publicity for the company. Drew Carey’s induction made no sense, but Mike Tyson drew more attention last year. Trump is sure to bring in more media attention when he gets inducted this April.

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