TNA Wants To Make Another Video Game With Activision

By Damian Seeto
TNA Video Game In 2008
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It has been reported that TNA Wrestling is interested in making another video game, and has been talking with gaming publisher Activision to make this happen.

TNA executives were in California last week in an effort to find a new game publisher that will allow the company to make future TNA video game titles.

Dixie Carter and Jason Harvey met with Activision on the matter as they were interested in making a game for TNA. Activision has yet to officially announce anything, nor has there been any more details shared on the outcome of this meeting.

If TNA wants to compete with the WWE, it would need to establish a good relationship with a decent game publisher to release its own successful series of video games. WWE made lots of revenue by releasing video games annually for the past 14 years. Even though THQ went bankrupt, WWE has already contacted 2K Games to produce even more games for the next five years, starting with WWE 2K14 to be released later this year.

TNA released its own video game in 2008. Even though critics and fans praised the game’s graphics, everything else about the game was pretty shoddy. The game sold poorly, and Midway went bankrupt shortly after.

Namco Bandai took on the TNA game license shortly after this. Their sole TNA game was only released on mobile platforms. It’s unknown how successful the game was, but Namco Bandai must have been disappointed since it did not renew TNA’s license.

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