Who Is CM Punk's Opponent At WrestleMania 29?

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk WrestleMania 29
Image from fanswrestling.com

As of the conclusion of Monday Night Raw this week, it has now been officially confirmed (again) that John Cena will face The Rock at WrestleMania 29 for the WWE Title. Where does this leave CM Punk?

Even though The Undertaker returned to wrestle in a small live event in Texas over the weekend, this still doesn’t confirm if he will be healthy enough to compete at WrestleMania 29. His appearance at the live event was a test to see if he is able to compete at a high level again. Even though onlookers said Undertaker moved well and appeared to be in great shape, it was a tag-team match that allowed him to have a rest.

Undertaker himself said he will only compete at WrestleMania 29 if he’s 100% confident enough to perform in a high quality match. If he is to face Punk at the event, people would expect to see an epic 20-30 minute clinic between the two wrestlers. This might be too much for Undertaker to handle since he’s just recovering from both hip and shoulder surgeries.

Undertaker has yet to make a final decision on the matter and this raises questions as to what match Punk will be fitted in if he chooses not to wrestle. Punk is one of WWE’s hottest commodities right now and it will be a shame if he is to compete in a mid-card level match at WrestleMania 29 after having one of the biggest years of his life during 2012. Maybe a Chris Jericho rematch from last year is in the cards? Punk could also wrestle Randy Orton again since the two had an exciting match two years ago at WrestleMania 27.

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