The Longer Dolph Ziggler Waits To Cash In, The Better For Him Overall

By Maurice D. Proffit
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As we sit here four weeks away from Wrestlemania 29, we find ourselves in a very rare situation where the WWE has an active roster of talent still having an uncashed Money in the Bank briefcase among them, held on by Dolph Ziggler. Dolph won the Money in the Bank briefcase at the Money in the Bank pay per view back in July 2012, winning the rights to cash in on the World Heavyweight Championship at anytime between then and July 2013. True, Ziggler has four more months to exercise his cash in option, so he has plenty of time, but it has been quite some time since we have seen an elongated cash in opportunity. So when will Ziggler cash in?

We have been accustomed to seeing the Money in the Bank cash in opportunity only within a couple of months of the title being won. The longest Money in the Bank reign was the first one that was won by Edge. Edge won the briefcase at Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, 2005) and cashed in at New Years Revolution (Jan. 8, 2006) which made it a nine month reign.

This month, Ziggler will have held on to it for eight months creeping up on the record very quick to surpass Edge. Ziggler could easily reach the 12 month period, since the World Heavyweight Championship is very busy right now. The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line at Wrestlemania 29 as Alberto Del Rio defends the title against Jack Swagger. This feud is very fresh and very new to the fans. In reality, this match doesn’t pose a threat for Del Rio’s title to be dropped at Mania against Swagger, because this feud is set to last a few pay per views, possibly ending in June. Zigglers cash in opportunity may very well happen in the summer before the July Money in the Bank pay per view. So Ziggler has a chance to make history twice by holding on to the Briefcase a little bit longer.

The WWE is in no way shape or form looking to rush Ziggler top tier placement on the WWE roster. Ziggler is a wink away from being the top heel of the company and looks to be one of the more ideal people to headline Wrestlemania 30 next year in New Orleans. So feel free to take your time with this one WWE becuase the overall end benefit will only be perfection.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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