The Pride and Prejudice of Wrestlemania 29: Will The Undertaker Prevail?

By Leigh Allen
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April 7, 2013.

A day that will either perpetuate the legend, or a day that will live in infamy for the WWE.

All the requisite hype is in place. The same question looms as it has in years past.

Will The Undertaker win? Will he do it again? The query remains…for now.

Win or lose, the streak stands; the streak itself won’t be upended. Its continuance, though, is in danger. The WWE powers-that-be pride themselves on a continually transforming entertainment medium; one that flows to encompass both the merely curious and the enduring fans. This may well be the closest the Taker has come to having the streak broken.

Mixed feelings abound with this match.

If CM Punk wins, it will be the true end of an era unlike the ‘end of an era’ that was touted (pardon the pun) in the past. A new phase will most definitely begin even if it’s not immediately obvious to the casual or seasoned WWE fan. Those who remember Taker from the beginning would certainly mark the event of a Wrestlemania loss with sorrow. A new generation without The Undertaker is not in essence a better generation for the cost.

Should it end this way for The Undertaker? Can the likes of Punk take his place in what could well be the most historic loss in the WWE?

In a word, no.

That ‘if’ shall not come to pass.

When the Undertaker wins, the era continues. The legend lives. Fans old and new will cheer. The veteran fans, however, will rejoice the longest and loudest that their one constant in a sea of change remains triumphant.

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