WWE Having Trouble Keeping Fans Cheering For John Cena?

By Damian Seeto
People To Boo John Cena At WrestleMania 29
Image from grantland.com

John Cena is without a doubt one of the most unique wrestlers in WWE history. Even though Cena has been booked as a babyface character since 2004, the company has never been able to get the majority of its fans to cheer for him. For many years now, a lot of fans still think that he “sucks.”

It’s highly expected that Cena will win against The Rock to become the WWE Champion for the 11 time. This is mainly because Rock cannot stay to wrestle much longer as he has to go and film a Hercules film over in Europe straight after WrestleMania. Even though Rock has been advertised for the Extreme Rules PPV, it’s still uncertain if he can still appear.

Rock is without a doubt the most popular wrestler in recent WWE history. For Cena to beat him cleanly, this will upset a lot of fans and they are likely to be very vocal about it. This is causing some backstage concern on booking the finish for WrestleMania 29. WWE still wants to book Cena as a babyface so making him beat Rock in a way that won’t make fans boo him is a tough task to do right now.

Not to mention, Cena is not a new star and has held the WWE Title multiple times already. A lot of fans loved how CM Punk sas champion for over a year. They are unlikely to cheer for Cena again since he’s been champion more times than most fans can stomach.

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