Former WWE Champion Sycho Sid Is Home From The Hospital

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Some eyebrow-raising news are coming out of the wrestling world this week regarding a legend of the ring. Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sidney Eudy (other wise known as “Sid”, “Sid Vicious” or “Sycho” Sid) was released from the hospital earlier this week after dealing with some heart complications.

His son Gunnar Eudy, who is working the independent wrestling scene following the footsteps of his father, noted on Facebook that his father has be released from the hospital due to said condition.

The health complications going on with Sid are not public, so not too much information is out there specifically what may be wrong and why Sid was admitted. However, we can take solace in the fact that Sid was released from the hospital and is back with his family.

Sid was a pretty familiar face to the home television audience during the summer of 2012. Sid made his WWE Raw return on the 996th episode of Raw just a few weeks before the unprecedented 1000th episode.

Sid came out to go one on one against the One Man Rock Band Heath Slater. In typical Sid fashion, Sid made short work of Slater, reminding him and the WWE Universe why he was the “Ruler of the World”. Sid made his return at Raw 1000 as well, where he and some other WWE legends once again made an example of Mr. Slater.

Aside from wrestling, Sid was also a fixture in prime time television since his son Frank Eudy was a contestant on America’s Big Brother Reality show. Since Frank was a very popular player on the show, CBS did a small piece on the Eudy family, showing Sid with his family speaking very highly on how well his son was doing.

Its great that our impressions of Sid have been very positive, which is why this news is a bit startling. However, as stated before, its great that he is back home and recovering.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer with Rant Sports

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