Should Rey Mysterio Retire Soon?

By Damian Seeto
Injured Rey Mysterio
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Rey Mysterio burst onto the North American wrestling scene in the ’90s when he wrestled in WCW. Fans immediately loved him because most of them had never seen him or his wrestling style before. He continued to be popular when he debuted for the WWE in 2002. More than a decade after, it appears Mysterio should retire sooner rather than later.

From 2002 – 2007, Mysterio was given a great push in the WWE. He was a popular wrestler for the Smackdown brand alongside Eddie Guerrero and Batista. It wasn’t until Guerrero’s unfortunate death in 2005 that Mysterio skyrocketed into the main event scene.

He became the World Heavyweight Champion in 2006 and held the title for a respectable four months. An amazing achievement for a guy his size. Things started to look great for the Mexican Superstar until his multiple injuries started to hinder him from 2007 onward.

Mysterio missed both WrestleMania XXIII and WrestleMania XXIV due to injury. It looked like he recovered since he wrestled for the next few years without taking too much time off. It wasn’t until last year that his knees started to buckle on him again.

WWE planned for him to wrestle Sin Cara at WrestleMania XXVIII. This wasn’t possible since both stars got injured. The plan was to make them wrestle at WrestleMania 29 instead. This isn’t possible again either as Mysterio is injured once again.

Mysterio tweeted he may have torn his ACL again and might need knee surgery. I think it’s best that Mysterio retires soon as it does not look like his knees can handle wrestling on a full time basis any longer. There’s a reason Alberto Del Rio is now WWE’s top Latino babyface and that’s because Mysterio keeps getting injured all of the time.

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