The WWE Should Respect Paul Bearer's Death

By Damian Seeto
RIP Paul Bearer
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As many of you may already know, Paul Bearer (William Moody) passed away earlier this week. The WWE so far has acknowledged and respected his passing by releasing a montage video. Let us hope they stay classy and keep things more like this.

On occasion, the company usually respects the passing of a former employee. The only time a former employee was totally forgotten was when the world learned of Chris Benoit’s actions.

There was an incident surrounding Eddie Guerrero’s death that many people hated. The WWE thought it was a great thing to exploit his death during a storyline involving Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. To gain some “heel heat”, the writers told Orton to anger Mysterio by saying Guerrero is now living in hell. This was a low point and I’m surprised the WWE would stoop this low just three months after Guerrero’s untimely death.

In a similar event, Michael Cole was feuding with Jerry Lawler and mocked the death of his mother. Although Lawler’s mother was not a former employee of the company, it was still just another disrespectful thing for the company to do.

The Undertaker is set to face CM Punk at WrestleMania 29. Bearer was Undertaker’s manager for many years and the two became good friends in real life. I’m hoping WWE does not let Punk mock Undertaker about Bearer’s death as both Orton and Cole did in the incidents I aforementioned. Sure it will allow fans to boo Punk, but it’s just a very distasteful thing to do.

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