TNA Lockdown Tonight Could Set A New Standard For PPVs

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Since the beginning of 2013, TNA has activated a new structure in their pay per views, where instead of having a monthly pay per view, TNA will have four ppvs a year (similar to the old ways of the World Wrestling Federation when they had only four ppvs, which are currently grouped into the “Big 4” category as of now). Genesis, back in January  was the first of the new reduced schedule and tonight will be the 2nd of the year TNA Lockdown (Slammiversary and Bound for Glory will follow later this year).

Lockdown is TNA’s most unique pay per view of the year since every match on the card is inside the confines of the TNA Steel Cage. For the most part, we see that the cage is used as an advantage as a weapon and other times it’s not necessarily used at all. But to keep the originality alive, TNA Lockdown always has their Lethal Lockdown Match in which a lid to the cage is lowered down, along with weapons.

This year’s Lethal Lockdown match will be Team Aces & Eights (Devon, Mr. Anderson, D.O.C, Garett and Knox) vs. Team TNA (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young). The headlining main event for tonight will be for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy defending the championship against Bully Ray.

Since this pay per view has had about two months of proper build up, this will work much better in TNA’s advantage in terms of quality to their shows. When the WWE had four pay per views a year, the wait would naturally intensify the suspense of the show coming up and would be deemed as a “must watch”. Tonight’s build up was significant, but still has areas that need to be worked on. Lockdown is a unique concept and is a concept good enough to individualize TNA, such as how the Royal Rumble did for the WWE. Nevertheless, the Lockdown fan experience over the weekend (based on photos and videos) looked to be a positive experience overall. In addition, Christopher Daniels had an interview with Jon Robinson of this week regarding the pay per view. It’s elements such as these that show that TNA is making some smart business decisions.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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