Bobby Roode Re-Signs With TNA Wrestling

By Damian Seeto
Bobby Roode TNA
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Bobby Roode is one of TNA Wrestling’s biggest stars, and it would have been a major blow to the company if he decided to jump ship to the WWE. There were initial fears that this would become a reality since Roode’s contract with TNA expired and he had not re-signed with the company.

This wasn’t a fault on Roode’s part, though. He wanted to re-sign with the company, but TNA officials let his contract expire before he could. It’s been said that Bruce Prichard let his contract expire by mistake which led to the many rumors of Roode’s departure.

Luckily for TNA, Roode was able to re-sign just in time for the Lockdown PPV. Roode is still one half of the tag-team champions with Austin Aries. The team already faced the two teams of Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero and Daniels & Kazarian at the Lockdown PPV.

It would have been a huge disaster on TNA’s part if they had to reschedule this match altogether. This type of mistake rarely happens in the WWE. There was the time in 2011 that CM Punk‘s contract was set to expire and Vince McMahon did all that he could to convince Punk to stay.

We all know what happened since then as Punk is now one of the company’s biggest stars, and is earning a lot more money than he did back in 2011.

It would have been interesting to see if Roode did decide to join the WWE. But then again, it might have been career suicide to join them. Braden Walker is one wrestler that would want to forget his time in WWE after leaving TNA.

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