Bully Ray Deserved The TNA World Heavyweight Title

By Damian Seeto
Bully Ray TNA Champion
Image from enfinity1productions.com

Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco) has been wrestling for over 20 years now, but has never reached the top of the professional wrestling mountain. Although he’s a multiple time tag-team champion, he had never become a World Champion.

That is, until he won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the 2013 Lockdown PPV.

As I mentioned before, Ray had been a tag team specialist for the majority of his career and many people did not believe he could become a main event-type wrestler. During his time in the WWE, he was out of shape and lacked the wrestling ability to hang with the big boys. Randy Orton and Batista were two wrestlers that didn’t like working with Ray when he wrestled in the WWE.

Even when Ray and his partner Devon joined TNA in 2005, Ray continued to thrive only in the tag team division only. This all changed when he became a singles competitor and started to look and talk more like a main event wrestler should.

It was Ray’s transition in 2010 that were the seeds of him becoming a bigger star in the professional wrestling industry. The man lost a ton of weight, and started to improve on the microphone as well.

All of Ray’s hard work paid off as he defeated Jeff Hardy to start his first ever reign as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. To even add more validity to his main event status, he also revealed that he’s the president of the Aces & Eights faction. Basically, he’s now the top heel of TNA, and is likely to hold on to the belt for a very long time.

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