Jeff Hardy Injured At Lockdown

By Damian Seeto
Jeff Hardy Injured At TNA Lockdown
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Jeff Hardy suffered a pretty serious concussion during the match he had at Lockdown 2013 with Bully Ray.

The move that caused Hardy’s concussion was when Ray powerbombed him from the top of the steel cage. It was a jumping powerbomb that that looked spectacular on TV, but Hardy landed pretty rough at the end of it.

At first, it looked as if the move was performed safely and correctly. Thankfully, Hardy did not fall on his head, nor did he suffer any injuries to his neck. Still, it appeared as if Hardy suffered a bit of whiplash upon his landing. Of course, the impact was so bad that he suffered a legitimate concussion.

At the conclusion of the match, Aces & Eights stormed the ring to interfere and help Ray win the match. Devon handed Ray a hammer to knock out Hardy for the victory.

Hardy looked like he could barely stand up after the powerbomb move. After Ray hit him with the hammer, Hardy just slumped to the floor looking very limp. If Hardy has to take time off to heal his injury, it will be a huge blow to TNA. Hardy is still the top babyface draw for the company, and this might impact ticket sales and revenue if he needs time to recover.

Word from backstage is that Hardy was in great pain after the match’s conclusion. Let’s hope his concussion isn’t too serious so that he can make a speedy recovery.

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