The Civil War Created By WrestleMania 6

By Maurice D. Proffit
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In 1990, the new decade saw many changes. Technology was changing in music and movies and in the mediums in which we viewed and listened at home. But it was not only technology that made the turn to cast a new light on the world, but the World Wrestling Federation would take part of showing a changing of the guards. 

WrestleMania 6 would be the indicator that the 80’s were no more and the 90’s were now. This shift would shake the WWF so hard, that the effects of that event can still be felt today.

WrestleMania 6 would be the first international WrestleMania, taking place at the Toronto Sky Dome in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The main event of WrestleMania 6 would be the first ever Champion vs. Champion / title for title match. Hulk Hogan would defend The WWF Championship against The Ultimate Warrior and his Intercontinental Championship.

Two champions walked into the ring, and one man would leave with all the gold. What made this match special was the fans have never seen a main event where two fan favorites would be opponents.  This match would force fans to pick a side for the winner of these championships. Fans had been so used to being conditioned as to whom to lean their allegiance on, that when the WWF forced them to make an independent decision, fans found themselves at the brink of a civil war.

The Warrior would go on to win the match and the WWF Championship, but this would not be the last time where we have seen two wrestlers following similar philosophical paths face each other. These “hard to deal with” decisions would come again for wrestling fans but it is the internal beauty of this independent thought process that elevates the value of being a fan.

Hogan vs. Warrior was nowhere close to being a mat classic, but it did its job from a pop culture sense and also giving fans the experience of being divided among their own community. That may not sound too favorable or nice, but when has the wrestling world ever been in favor of bring nice?


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports


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