The Call Becomes WWE Studios' Most Successful Movie

By Damian Seeto
WWE Studios The Call
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WWE Studios started nearly a decade ago, but they’ve yet to produce a movie that was a hit at the box office. Vince McMahon will be happy to know that The Call did well in its opening weekend at the North American box office.

The Call was made with a relatively small budget of only $13 million. Box office analysts initially predicted that the film would only make between $10 – $12 million during its first three days in cinemas, but the movie exceeded all expectations and made over $17 million. This is, without a doubt, the most successful film ever produced by WWE Studios, and it will make a healthy profit for the professional wrestling company.

Historically, many WWE-produced movies don’t even make a profit. This made many people wonder if McMahon should discontinue the whole division altogether.

Until The Call came along, The Marine starring John Cena was the company’s most successful film. The movie only made $18 million during its theatrical run worldwide off of a $20 million budget. Most of its money was made when it was released on DVD, when the movie earned a further $30 million on rentals alone.

Every other WWE Studios movie after The Marine was either unsuccessful or just a straight to DVD release. Even Dead Man Down, starring a guy like Colin Farrell, bombed at the box office.

With the success of The Call, this might inflate McMahon’s ego to make even more films. That said, the main success of the movie is due to Halle Berry being cast in the lead role. If someone like The Miz gets cast in a lead role ever again, I doubt it would be as successful.

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