Rey Mysterio's Future In WWE Uncertain

By Damian Seeto
Rey Mysterio Could Retire Soon
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There has been major concern within the WWE about the future of Rey Mysterio. He’s currently injured again dealing with knee problems. Some people from within the company feel he may not even return this time around.

Although it’s expected that Mysterio will be back wrestling for the company in June, some officials feel he might retire sooner rather than later. This is like the fourth or even fifth time Mysterio has been sidelined by injury within the last seven years or so. He’s had to take time off more times than any other full time wrestler because of the multiple injuries he has suffered.

Another concern from within the company is choosing the next big Latino star. Alberto Del Rio is doing quite well as the company’s top Latin babyface, but he’s going to turn 36 years old later this year. Del Rio said in interviews in the past that he plans to retire within the next five years. He said that back in 2011, so he may only wrestle for only three more years.

As for Sin Cara, WWE feels he’s become a “flop.” The crowd never cheered him as loudly as Mysterio and the constant botches he makes during his matches have made him a laughing stock within the wrestling community. Not to mention, he’s injured himself on more than one occasion thanks to his own botches.

If Del Rio doesn’t stay true to his word, WWE could always rely on him to wrestle for a few years more.

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