The Dawning of a New Era At WrestleMania 14

By Maurice D. Proffit
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On March 29th, 1998, if you tuned in to WrestleMania 14 with that nostalgic feeling inside you of having warm and fuzzy feelings of seeing your favorite wrestlers “train, say their prayers and take their vitamins”, then you were in for a surprise. WrestleMania 14 would be the official landmark of the launch of a new era in the World Wrestling Federation. This launching pad would inform the world that the wrestling world we were used to of living in a world of “good vs evil” was no more. The infinite shade of gray that the wrestling world has produced is the era that we lived in at that time. On March 29th 1998, the world witnessed the official crowning of the Attitude Era.

WrestleMania 14 was an in your face, no nonsense, no apologies intense show. From the very start of the program, L.O.D 2000 (the new and repackaged Legion of Doom) would enter the ring with their new valet Sunny. Instantly the show and the product told you that the future was going a different route. Repackaging a classic tag team was a bold choice of the WWF, but they needed to show that the door of the past was closed. Even the Light Heavyweight Championship match between Taka Michinoku and Aguila was the personification of a different direction in terms of match pace and style.

The main event for the WWF Championship was the classic example of passing the torch and starting the next chapter. Shawn Michaels was a definitive representation of the “New Generation” era of the WWF and dropping the title to Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was the leader of the Attitude Era was only fitting. And speaking of attitude, no other figure screamed attitude as much as former WBO Heavyweight Champion of the world Iron Mike Tyson who was the special ring enforcer of the main event. The icing on the cake happened on the next night on Raw when Austin, simply traded up his championship belt (the winged eagle belt) for the new World Wrestling Federation Championship belt (the globe belt). The “New Generation” era was officially no more; the Attitude Era was here.


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