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Is WWE Wasting Chris Jericho’s Talents?

Chris Jericho Not At WrestleMania 29

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Chris Jericho is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the WWE today. He’s the first ever Undisputed Champion in company history and has held the Intercontinental Champion a record nine times. Despite this, he’s yet to be booked at WrestleMania 29.

Jericho is not only a wrestler loved by fans, but he’s also a safe worker that can make his peers look good inside of the ring. This is thanks to the wealth of experience he gained when he was wrestling in both Japan and Mexico in his younger days. He has abilities that someone like The Miz can only dream about.

Last year, Jericho returned to the company and solidified (then-WWE Champion) CM Punk as a main event star. The two rocked the house at WrestleMania 28 and arguably had a better match just a month later at Extreme Rules. Jericho then went on to feud with Dolph Ziggler and had a string of great matches with him as well.

After SummerSlam, Jericho left the WWE once again to tour with his band Fozzy, but it was only for a couple of months until he returned once again at the Royal Rumble. His performance was well received and it looked like he would be booked in another great match at WrestleMania 29.

We are only two weeks away from the big event and Jericho isn’t even booked yet. A man of his talents deserves to be booked in a main event-caliber match, although it seems unlikely that will happen this year. As of right now, the plan for Jericho is for him to face off against Fandango — hardly what you call a “main event” caliber star.