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WWE: Mark Henry vs. Ryback At WrestleMania 29 In Jeopardy

Mark Henry Injured

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For the past few weeks now, the WWE were building towards a match pitting Ryback against Mark Henry. Sadly, the match looks like it may not happen now as Henry injured himself over the weekend.

Henry was facing Kane over the weekend and apparently injured his knee or leg during the match. This is a huge blow to Henry as he just came back from shoulder surgery a couple of months ago — he was limping after the match and didn’t look like he was in tip-top shape. Not to mention, the match itself had to be cut short.

It’s unknown at this stage how serious the injury is, although it’s not looking good. WrestleMania 29 is only two weeks away and Henry was due to face Ryback. A knee injury is something you cannot hide and it’s unlikely Henry will be able to wrestle properly on one leg.

Also, Henry is the heel in the match and it would not look right for Ryback (the babyface) to attack a wounded opponent. If the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

If Henry has to pull out of WrestleMania 29, this may mean the company will have to find a new opponent for Ryback, which could prove to be a difficult since everyone already has an opponent for the show.

Big Show looks like a good replacement, although he’s due to face the Shield with Sheamus and Randy Orton. Ryback could face off against Chris Jericho instead. After all, Jericho’s rumored WrestleMania 29 opponent was only Fandango of all people.