TNA Wrestling No Longer Airing In New Zealand

By Damian Seeto
TNA Wrestling Cancelled In New Zealand
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New Zealand will no longer be airing TNA Wrestling programming. It’s unknown yet if PPV events will still be available, but Impact (the weekly TV show) will be no longer be scheduled.

The Box (the channel that shows TNA in New Zealand) said the reason for the cancellation is due to low ratings. The last episode of Impact will air on April 27th, 2013. The Impact Wrestling Australia Facebook page informed fans that the organization is trying to find a new home for TNA programming in New Zealand.

It did not help that the Box aired Impact at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. This timeslot was doomed to fail since most people are out having fun and not staying inside watching wrestling.

Likewise, that was the only timeslot the channel could book TNA Impact on without falling behind from the Thursday night USA air date. Due to the fact that the Box also shows WWE programming, there was no chance they could move Raw or Smackdown‘s Friday and Sunday night slots for the sake of TNA.

This is a huge blow to TNA as it was trying to make more New Zealanders interested in the product. They even flew professional wrestler AJ Styles to visit the country last year for a promotional tour. All that effort seems wasted now that TNA has been cancelled.

It’s unlikely any other network in New Zealand will pick up TNA programming. If they do, they’ll chuck it on an obscure time on a Saturday night as well. WCW aired years ago in New Zealand but was relegated to the 10:30pm Saturday night slot too.

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