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CM Punk May Take A Page From Chicago Bulls Against The Undertaker


Photos Courtesy of shot97.com and www.popscreen.com

On Wednesday evening Mar. 27th, The Miami Heat entered the United Center in Chicago, IL to defend their 27 game win streak against The Chicago Bulls. With the Bulls being down four of their star players (Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Rip Hamilton and Marco Belinelli) a victory looked to be in major jeopardy and the Heat streak looked to be safe. But just as Chicago has done before when the odds were stacked against them, the Bulls rose to the occasion and managed to get the win and put an end to this historic streak. This win surged a much needed bode of confidence into citizens of Chicago. The question on hand is, did one particular member of said city gain a large amount of confidence as well? This particular citizen is also facing an opposing figure that also has a historic streak. This citizen would be Chicago’s own, CM Punk.

Next Sunday, Punk will be entering WrestleMania 29, going one on one with The Undertaker. Punk’s name will be entered in the already existing long list of opponents that The Undertaker has previously faced at Mania. But time will tell if Punk will be either the victor or become another victim. To add fuel to the already existing fire, Punk has unjustly gained possession of the mystical urn that was once owned by the late great Paul Bearer. With Punk’s recent attacks on Taker from recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, Taker is going into this match with much momentum and is looking to be the favorite. So what must Punk do in order to emulate the outcome of The Bulls?

In order for Punk to make history, he will have to use the already existing mind games that he is playing with the Undertaker and use it to his advantage. He will not be able to out power The Undertaker, which will be out of the question. So using a cynical psychology against the master of mind games will be the offense that can lead Punk to victory. In addition, Punk will have to use the overwhelming emotional momentum, that is currently getting the best of The Undertaker, and manipulate it in his favor. Similar to the Bulls knowing that they couldn’t out power the Heat, they used the Heat’s emotions against them to throw them off of their game and to end with the win.

As stated earlier, Chicago has always found itself on the lower end of expectations when it comes to big time match ups. History has shown that Chicago can prevail in tight situations, thus making the victory even sweeter. If anyone knows what it means to come up big in the name of the city of Chicago, it would be CM Punk (remember Money In the Bank 2011).


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports