Are There Too Many Matches Booked For WWE WrestleMania 29?

By Damian Seeto
WWE WrestleMania 29 Main Event Match
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Currently, there are 10 matches booked for WrestleMania 29. It’s possible one more match could be added to the card too. Is WWE cramming too many matches this year?

One thing that the company has failed to do with recent WrestleMania events is book enough screen time for every match on the card. Last year’s WrestleMania 28 event only had eight matches booked. Even then, the company still didn’t have enough time to fit all of the matches properly within four hours. People will always remember the infamous 18 second match featuring Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

WrestleMania 27 suffered the same fate of poor time management too. That event only featured eight matches as well, but one match only lasted for 90 seconds. That unfortunate match was Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

One thing that both WrestleMania 27 and 28 had in common was that there were too many unnecessary non-wrestling moments that were booked. WrestleMania 27 had a 20 minute promo from The Rock while WrestleMania 28 had a mini concert featuring rappers MGK and Flo Rida.

There is a chance that WrestleMania 29 could fit all of the matches in if they cut down on unnecessary segments. WrestleMania X-Seven had 11 matches booked plus a performance from Motorhead during Triple H’s entrance. There was no match on that impressive card that had to be cut short due to time constraints.

I’m still guessing WrestleMania 29 will suffer from time management issues since P Diddy is set to perform and both John Cena and The Rock are rumored to have long and elaborate entrances again.

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