The Rise And Fall Of Zack Ryder

By Damian Seeto
Zack Ryder Jobber 2013
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WWE superstar Zack Ryder was in a slump in early 2011. He managed to revive his career in late 2011, but all of that hard work seems wasted now as he’s been a jobber for over a year now.

Ryder had somewhat of a successful run in the WWE in late 2011. This is all thanks to the popular YouTube video he created. He broke the “fourth wall” and would often share his backstage frustrations with the fans. Current WWE employees rarely share their frustrations with the company publicly since they’re likely to get fired. Ryder took the chance since he thought he was going to get fired soon anyway.

Because of the popularity of his YouTube show, he gained some brownie points from top talent such as John Cena and CM Punk. Not to mention fans started to chant his name loudly during live events and would bring in signs such as “Push Ryder” among other things.

WWE couldn’t ignore his popularity and started to give more screen time for Ryder. He even became the US Champion at one point in time. When 2012 rolled in however, WWE mysteriously de-pushed Ryder once again and he hasn’t been the same happy person since.

Ryder is now hired as a jobber and has not won a match in many months. He’s not scheduled to compete at WrestleMania 29 either. WWE itself fails to acknowledge Ryder’s existence as they did not mention he has over one million Twitter followers. However, when The Miz reached that mark a few weeks ago, Michael Cole made sure to tell the viewers at home about it.

The worst thing about 2013 for Ryder is that he no longer has his YouTube show to fall back on. WWE canceled the show last year and Ryder is unable to revive it on his personal YouTube account without getting permission from the company. At this stage, it looks like Ryder might be gone from the company sooner rather than later.

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