The Rock's WWE Title Reign Needs to End at Wrestlemania 29

By Jack Jorgensen
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Before I start, I know some people may look at the author of this and say, “Hey, isn’t that the college football guy?” Well, yes that is true. However, since the ripe age of three (1987 to be exact), I have also been a devout professional wrestling fan. In some instances, I may know more about this business than I do college football. WWE, WCW, NWA, AWA, WCCW, if you name an organization, I have probably taken it in at some point. With that being said, to sort of paraphrase CM Punk from June 2011, I have a little something that I need to get off my chest.

Tomorrow night in MetLife Stadium at Wrestlemania 29, The Rock will sport the WWE Championship around his waist, head to the ring and take on the embattled John Cena in a rematch of last year’s Showcase of the Immortals main event. In my opinion, when the Rock walks back up the ramp after the match has concluded, he needs to NOT have that gold around his waist.

Now, like a lot of others, I am not the biggest fan of John Cena, the character. Although he has wisely been kept away from the WWE Title picture for quite some time, he’s had such history with the illustrious belt that it will still feel stale when he does regain it once again. Still, with this being the hand that we were dealt, John needs to leave New Jersey as the champ, once again.

Believe me, being in my teenage years while the Attitude Era was taking place, I am as big of a fan of The Rock as anyone else. His contributions to the business aren’t matched by many, and probably never will be. When he showed back up after his seven-year hiatus in 2011, it was refreshing to see ‘The Great One’ back in the squared circle. Even the night after Wrestlemania 27, when the upcoming contest between him and Cena was announced, I was okay with that. That match certainly delivered in Miami last year.

It was the night after, however, where my satisfaction turned into pure pessimism.

When Rocky stood in the ring and vowed to once again become WWE Champion one day, we all knew that we’d be sitting right where we are at this point. The Rock walking into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion this year was, more or less, a foregone conclusion. Cena as his opponent was just as predictable.

Whether we like it or not, this match is happening at ‘Mania and, again, John Cena simply needs to walk out with that belt.

Since inexplicably taking the title from CM Punk at the Royal Rumble, The Rock has been a WWE Champion that has represented the company by cutting promos, when he’s actually in the building that is. Yes, I am one of those people that are strongly opposed to how often, or not, The Rock actually appears. And, please, let’s not get started on how many times he has defended the title since his reign began.

Tomorrow night, the reign needs to end. We may not like who the successor will be, but it’s still better than where we stand right now. Whether it’s a clean victory or if we finally get the long-awaited John Cena heel turn that many have been clamoring for (don’t get your hopes up), the WWE Title being back around the waist of a full-time performer means it’s back to business as usual. And by that, I mean the way the wrestling business should be. Not a plea for attention from the entertainment world.


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