Best Raw Crowd In WWE History?

By Wola Odeniran

I have been watching the WWE for 13 years now and never in that time, even during the attitude days, have I ever seen such a hyped crowd that was so informative and creative at the same time on Raw or Smackdown. By judging the way the night went, you could have made the case that everyone in the building was a face instead of John Cena. Cena opened up the show celebrating his WWE Championship belt after his win over The Rock at WrestleMania29. Cena was so hyped he wanted to take on all comers to the ring to defend his title until Mark Henry got into a confrontation with the WWE Champion.

During the entire show, the announcers JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry The King Lawler kept taking notes with the crowd especially at one point during the show when the audience was chanting all three of the announcer’s names. What was most surprising to me was the pop that Dolph Ziggler got when he cashed in the money in the bank for the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler finally got the push he wanted that he had been waiting so long for and I’m glad he came in when he did. Alberto Del Rio suffered injuries with both legs during his matches the past two days against Jack Swagger which led to Ziggler finishing him off.

It is unclear at this time if the WWE will let Ziggler become a face due to the chants he got during Raw, but this may be just a case of having a once in a lifetime type of crowd. With what happened on Raw, it really sets the standard for other cities to stand up and rise to the occasion. It may be a common theme from here on out for other cities to try and out-perform the other.

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