Undertaker, Kane And Daniel Bryan Versus The Shield?

By Wola Odeniran

Watching RAW this past Monday was great mainly because of what occurred during the moment the Undertaker addressed the crowd and The Shield showed up for a confrontation with Taker.  Just as The Shield surrounded the ring, Kane and Daniel Bryan came out to even the score and then The Shield retreated back into the crowd.

This sets up for an interesting development over the next few weeks as Extreme Rules is approaching. When the Shield first came out and dominated the competition, I always thought from afar that Taker would provide an interesting plot due to the phenom’s demeanor. It would only be fitting that the Taker would be part of the crew that dismantles the Shield for the time being.

The situation can be an event that goes over to SmackDown, a show that would need a great investment in the plot where the entire show could be circled between the two sides. With Alberto Del Rio possibly out due to his injuries from Jack Swagger, it provides possible one on one matches with all six involved.

What is more glaring at this point in time are Taker’s continued appearances. One would assume that hopefully he is healthy because of recent years where he would go to the main event and then show up in rare appearances for special events.

If this plot can continue, it really does stabilize both SmackDown and RAW where all six members can hold the shows in case The Rock, for example, may have an extended leave due to his injuries.

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