End of Road Coming Soon For Kurt Angle?

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of www.wrestlingnewsworld.com


Kurt Angle has had arguably one of the greatest all around wrestling careers in the history of mankind. Everyone is more than familiar with his credentials; he’s a 2 time NCAA champion, 1996 Olympic gold medalist and had held multiple world titles (both domestic and international promotions) in professional wrestling. Angle has, without any shadow of a doubt, carved his own legacy into the hall of fame. That day may be coming much closer than we realize with the statement that Angle released recently with speaking with The Sun. Angle stated:

“It’s almost time to slow down … when I do retire, I won’t be coming back. But I do see myself, after my contract is up, going on a reduced schedule where I will be part-time and only doing particular PPVs and TVs. I definitely am going to still be involved in wrestling because even though, thank God, I’m financially set, I love what I do…”

The TNA wrestler has suffered a variety of injuries in his career, most notably his severe neck injuries; needless to say, he is the only one that knows full and through when it’s time for him to step down. But this decision could mean a WWE comeback. Since 2006, the WWE has been very liberal when it comes to the clauses and terms of their “legends contract“. Wrestlers who are in the twilight of their careers can sign a WWE legends contract resulting in having a very limited schedule, limited appearances, but still have the perks of merchandise, action figures and video game characters. Since Angle has stated that he is seeking a reduced schedule, this would be a fine fit for him.

Having Angle back in the WWE would make the landscape very refreshing in terms of new and never before seen programs with the superstars and putting over the younger talent. Just on paper alone, the matchups between Angle and Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio would have a ton of leverage with pay per views. Since there hasn’t been anything that has been finalized in terms of an official announcement, only time will tell what the result may be. However, this is definitely something that we as fans want to keep our eye on.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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