Fandango Misses Out On UK Music Charts

By Damian Seeto
Fandango Not In UK Charts
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Despite the tremendous effort from UK wrestling fans, WWE’s Fandango theme narrowly missed out on being on the Top 40 music charts.

The popularity of Fandango’s entrance theme exploded ever since the rowdy crowd on last week’s Raw hummed his music. During the week, Fandango’s theme rose in popularity and fans started to buy his music on iTunes and other digital music services.

His theme exploded in the UK as his song went as high as No. 11 on the iTunes singles chart. Sadly, the song dropped down several places after that, but this did not stop UK fans from trying to promote the song as much as they could.

Many UK Facebook and Twitter pages urged fans to buy his single from iTunes and even Amazon in hopes that the largest radio station in the country would play his music. They even convinced some football matches to play his music during halftime.

Many people in the UK have reported that the song has been played by other local radio stations and even some night clubs have played it too. Despite all of this exposure, the song still missed out on placing in the Top 40.

At one point in the week, the song was placed at number 37. Unfortunately, it dropped to number 44 by Sunday which is when the official top 40 countdown was announced. Fandango’s theme missed out by only 239 sales. Still, the song is the highest rated wrestling theme in chart history. Not to mention, the theme’s sales surged by over 4,000 percent according to Jim Johnston (the composer of the song).

The WWE is visiting the UK next week. Hopefully then the song might break the Top 40 music charts.

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