WrestleMania 29 Buy Rate Could Be Shockingly Low

By Damian Seeto
Wrestlemania 29 Buyrate Low
Image from whatculture.com

The official buy rate for WWE WrestleMania 29 won’t be revealed in a couple months, but early estimates suggest that it’s not looking very pretty.

Last year, WrestleMania 28 became the best selling North American professional wrestling event of all time. The event earned 1.2 million buys worldwide. This is thanks to the first time encounter between The Rock and John Cena. Not to mention, this was the first time Rock had wrestled in a singles match in nine long years.

WrestleMania 27 managed to earn 1.1 million buys the year before, despite having an underwhelming card. Vince McMahon brought in both Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to appear on the show and it looked like fans were happy to order the event just to see them.

The last time a WrestleMania event failed to earn over 1 million buys was WrestleMania 26 in 2010. Despite the return of Bret Hart and having the retirement match of Shawn Michaels, the event failed to appeal to casual fans and it only garnered a low 885,000 buys worldwide.

It’s possible the buy rate for WrestleMania 29 is similar to that of WrestleMania 26. Part of the reason it’s so low could be the fact that WWE increased the price of ordering the event in North America. Increasing the price of anything these days always turns away customers. Especially when there was no reason for WWE to increase the price so suddenly.

Another reason why the WrestleMania 29 buy rate might have been so low is the card itself. Rock vs. Cena and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar were both rematches that people had already seen over the past 365 days. Not to mention people knew Cena and Triple H would win the second encounters. The only match hardcore fans actually wanted to see was The Undertaker vs CM Punk. One appealing match doesn’t mean people are willing to pay up to $70 to see the rest of the event…

Let’s hope the WWE realizes its mistake from this year and that WrestleMania XXX will have new and less predictable matches scheduled.

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