WWE: Ryback's Actions on Monday Night Raw Not A Heel Turn

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The WWE is finally taking a bit of a break from making the April pay-per-view the proverbial WrestleMania hangover show that they have not been shy about doing for years now.

This year, the 2013 Extreme Rules show has some deep dashes of originality to the match card, which is highly refreshing. The WWE Championship will be on the line as champion John Cena will defend the WWE Title against (apparently the No. 1 contender) Ryback.

As everyone saw on this past Monday Night Raw, Ryback exhibited some actions that were uncharacteristic of him. Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the one to put a stop to this madness about Ryback now being a heel.

With all due respect to my wrestling fan brethren, I have to question the validity of your fan card if you truly believe that what Ryback did this past Monday was considered a heel turn. Ryback cut a very emotional one-man promo to “explain his actions” from the previous week when he attacked Cena at the end of the broadcast.


Was that really a heel turn? Or did Ryback just make a decision that each and every single one of us would probably made if we were in that situation? I know I’ve been critical on the former “cornbread fed meathead” in the past, but Ryback raised a great point.

If I have come to your physical aid many times before in the past and the gesture isn’t reciprocated, then problems are likely to escalate. I think the most telling part was when Ryback took us back to the weeks leading into his WWE title match against CM Punk, when Cena was giving him the “Rah Rah” speech.

When you combine Cena’s pushing of Ryback as his “replacement” and combining it with Cena’s inabilities to “help his friend out”, it almost feels like Cena is mocking Ryback, and so justifiably Ryback had enough. So before jumping the gun labeling Ryback as the bad guy, take into consideration how he just exposed Cena for what he really is.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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