WWE Too Harsh On Signs Held by Fans In Attendance?

By Damian Seeto
Image courtesy uproxx.com

The WWE appears to be pushing its weight when it comes to fans signs as of late. Are they being too harsh to some fans these days?

An Australian fan voiced his disappointment online on how the WWE treated him and his UK friend when they attended WWE RAW this past week. This Australian wrestling fan spent thousands of dollars throughout the past two weeks only for it to end on a very sour note.

This is because he held up a sign in front of the camera that read “Raw is Generico”. This is a reference to NXT star Sammy Sane who used to wrestle under the moniker of El Generico. It is also a reference to Chris Jericho who used to say “Raw is Jericho” all of the time.

Instead of taking the sign off of him, WWE security moved the fan from his ringside seat and made him sit on the opposite side of the arena. The fan’s experience was so bad, he does not plan to go to any future WWE events ever again.

The worst part about the whole ordeal is that WWE security did not give him a reason why his sign was seen as offensive. Some people speculated it’s because “El Generico” is a name from rival promotion Ring of Honor, and the WWE does not like to see references from rival companies. Others say that his sign sounds like “Raw is Generic” and WWE officials obviously didn’t want TV viewers to see a sign that badmouths the show.

This begs the question, is WWE too harsh with fan signs these days? Fans pay a ton of money to attend wrestling events these days and should have their own opinion on certain wrestlers. If they have a sign that says “Cena Sux”, WWE shouldn’t remove this sign because this is their own opinion.

The only time I feel fan signs should be banned is if they’re truly offensive such as teasing a wrestler’s specific race, gender or their personal life. Other than that, WWE fans should have the freedom to say what they want about a wrestler’s “character”.

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