WWE Needs to Further Develop the Ryback Character

By Jeffers Kamper
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The Ryback character is a throwback to the classic wrestler build. The WWE used to be full of wrestlers like him. Wrestlers who, when booked right, could fill stadiums with fans chanting their names and sayings. Ryback fills this mold better than any wrestler since that time. When the “Feed Me More” chant gets started, it’s hard not to join in. I think Ryback could go far in professional wrestling if they just fix a few glitches in the character.

One problem is simple. Ryback needs something to separate him from other powerhouses. When he watched as the Shield attacked John Cena, it felt a lot like what Mark Henry did when Ryback was the one getting attacked. Even though that story line is common in wrestling, Henry was doing that just a few weeks ago. I’m sure a lot of fans were getting déjà vu.

Ryback has already separated himself from Goldberg by turning heel, so it shouldn’t be hard to fix this small issue. I think Ryback should be a do-it-yourself guy. He shouldn’t let other heels do his work for him. That would prevent making him look weak.

WWE also needs to stop making Ryback look weak on the mic. A lot of fans complained that Ryback didn’t cut a live promo to explain his reasons for attack Cena. Instead of sending Ryback out there to face the fans in person, they put him backstage in front of a camera where he could read from a teleprompter. This made Ryback look like he couldn’t handle the pressure of talking live. I know that he’s no CM Punk, but Ryback isn’t that bad on the mic. All of his promos fit his character. The one he cut before the Royal Rumble was perfect for his character. Short, sweet and to the point is what a Ryback promo should consist of. He doesn’t want to talk to people. He’d rather feed on them.

The last thing that needs to be done about Ryback can be done on May 19 at Extreme Rules. Ryback needs to beat Cena. Cena is the reason Ryback is in this mess of a PPV losing streak in the first place. When Ryback was building slowly towards stardom, Cena got hurt and Ryback was prematurely thrust into the main event scene. This ruined Ryback. If Cena lost to CM Punk, it would have just built towards the Cena vs The Rock storyline. Ryback losing to Punk stopped his momentum in its tracks. All the WWE has to do to fix this is put Ryback over against Cena. A win against the top face in the business would heal all wounds caused by the injury of John Cena.

If all of these problems are fixed, the wrestling world can say hello to a new star in the company. His name is Ryback, and it’s feeding time.

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