Predicting Ryback-John Cena Based On Analysis Of WWE Merchandising

By Jeffers Kamper
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If there’s one thing the WWE likes more than wrestling, it’s money. WWE offers a large variety of items depicting your favorite superstars. The WWE shop has everything you ever wanted, from shirts to barbecue sauce. Since the WWE likes to push their products so much, I like to make predictions in big matches based on new products.

The upcoming Ryback vs John Cena match at Extreme Rules is a great example to show you how this works.

There are two marketing scenarios that the WWE could choose from, one more bold than the other. I’ll start with the simple one involving Cena’s new t-shirt. The shirt in question was made after Cena beat The Rock at Wrestlemania. It depicts the Cena version of the WWE title with “The Champ is Here” written above it.

I know I may be over analyzing a simple piece of fabric, but why would the WWE debut a shirt if it was only going to be relevant for a month? I think consumers would be a little upset if they paid $25 on a shirt that only works if Cena holds the WWE title. This leads me to believe that Cena will have a lengthy run as champion so the WWE can make the most money they can on the shirt.

However, There is an alternative.

Ever since the new WWE Championship was debuted, people raved about the custom side plates. At first, it seemed like a one-time deal with the Rock’s Brahma bulls, but now that Cena has custom side plates as well, it seems like every superstar will get their own.

This is a very interesting marketing opportunity for the WWE, and it makes me think that they will have frequent title changes and build up a collection of custom side plates to sell to the fans. Replica title belts are not cheap, and I would guess that each side plate would cost at least $50.

I think it would be interesting to see all of the different personalized side plates, but I don’t want it to be at the cost of the title’s prestige. If Ryback is to win at Extreme Rules, this may be the direction we’re heading.

Whatever direction the WWE likes to take, I hope it doesn’t backfire. Some of the items in the shop are really cool, but if it comes at the cost of the product in the ring, then I could definitely do without. The matches should sell the items, not the other way around.

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