WWE WrestleMania 29 Sets PPV Earnings Record

By Damian Seeto
WrestleMania 29 PPV
Image from whatculture.com

WWE WrestleMania 29 has become the most successful event in company history.

Thanks to both an increase to ticket and PPV prices, WrestleMania 29 grossed over $72 million for the WWE. This broke last year’s WrestleMania 28 record which earned over $67 million.

WWE issued a press release that WrestleMania 29 exceeded over 1 million buys once again. According to Variety, the event actually garnered around 1.2 million buys. This is a high number, although slightly down from the 1.3 million buys that WrestleMania 28 earned. WrestleMania 29 attracted a sold out crowd of 80,676 fans. These hardcore wrestling fans came from all 5O US states and 34 countries.

This is a direct contrast from an early estimate that WrestleMania 29’s buyrate was low. It was initially expected that the buyrate was lower than 1 million buys. I’m guessing those early estimates didn’t take into account orders for replays and additional viewings of the event.

The rematch between The Rock vs John Cena proved to be a winning formula after all. Most wrestling fans thought the event wouldn’t have been so successful as last year because of the predictable outcome. Not to mention the price for ordering the event increased by $5 on PPV.

Another selling point for WrestleMania 29 saw Brock Lesnar face off against Triple H. This is the first WrestleMania that Lesnar has competed in since 2004.

It will be interesting to see what the focus is for WrestleMania XXX next year. The first match that has been planned is a showdown between Rock and Lesnar. It is also expected to be the last appearance of The Undertaker. Will he put the streak on the line against Cena?

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