Making Sense of the Tons of Funk-Team Rhodes Scholars Feud

By Jeffers Kamper
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Sometimes the WWE starts a feud with no idea of how it’s going to play out. The most recent example of this is the Tons of FunkTeam Rhodes Scholars feud.

These two teams started feuding shortly after Tons of Funk started during the road to Wrestlemania. Shouldn’t that mean the feud ends at Wrestlemania? I know their match got canceled, but on the Raw, after Wrestlemania, they had their match and the face team won. That should have been it, but for some unknown reason the WWE keeps booking matches between the two teams.

I wonder if the WWE even has any idea what is going to happen between the two teams. There have only been two outcomes of their matches. Either Tons of Funk win in heroic fashion and dances in victory, or Team Rhodes Scholars get a cheap win and quickly exit the ring and laugh all the way up the ramp. Does the WWE really not notice that they do this seemingly every show?

At least it made a little sense when the Bella Twins were involved. Maybe the WWE was trying to build up tension between them and the Funkadactyls and start an interesting diva feud. Now, the Bellas are gone without an explanation and the two teams are still feuding.

The WWE has a hard time filling three hours of wrestling time on Raw, but is it too much to ask for some new faces? Seeing the same matches with no progression in the feud is frustrating. We don’t even get backstage segments anymore. We just get a short vanilla match with nothing we haven’t seen before. I’m sure fans make sarcastic comments like, “Wow Brodus and Sweet T just made a Damien Sandow sandwich. We haven’t seen that before.” At least change up the format a little. Maybe Team Rhodes Scholars could dance for once?

The only way I can see the WWE saving this feud is having it end up in a heel turn for Brodus Clay or a face turn for Cody Rhodes. That would please fans enough to forget the absurd amount of time wasted on this pointless feud.

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