Steps WWE Should Take to Utilize All Its Talent

By Jeffers Kamper
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It’s no shocker to any wrestling fan when I say the WWE has a hard time finding a place for everyone on the roster. When you see talent like Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel jobbing for mid-carders, that should tell you all you need to know about the WWE’s current issue.

There is a way the WWE can fix this problem. All they need to do is change a few minor things.

The first step is to get rid of the United States Championship. I know it doesn’t sound like this would boost mid-card usage, but this past year the US title seemed more like the Jobber of the Year Award. If you’re going to call a wrestler a champion, I don’t think you should push him to other mid-carders. Just look at where the title got Zack Ryder. I have never seen a guy with such a cult-like following appear on television so little. It was painful to see his tweets complaining about not appearing at Wrestlemania in his own hometown, and the US title seemed to signal his downfall. Cesaro will now likely suffer the same fate. If the title has become nothing more than a consolation prize, then they need to completely remove it.

The next step is to gain prestige for the Intercontinental Championship. This should be easy. Since there are so many in mid-card just waiting for a shot, I believe that Wade Barrett should do something to get the title stripped. Maybe he could go on a streak of DQ title defenses or something like that. Then a tournament should be held for the vacated championship. I’m sure there are at least twenty superstars that could be part of this tournament. The best part is that they could make the tournament lottery style. The WWE could bring back the lottery ball holder seen in segments like the brand draft. This way, the WWE could insert surprise returns like Rob Van Dam or Jeff Hardy. Seeing this many superstars want the belt would definitely increase its prestige.

The last step is a two-part process. The first part involves either Main Event or Saturday Morning Slam. One of these shows need to turn into this era’s version of Sunday Night Heat. Sunday Night Heat was great for building talent. I loved tuning in and watching guys not normally featured in the big shows like Tajiri. The next part involves bringing back an old championship. I’m talking about the Cruiserweight Championship. This title was great to build prestige for some of the smaller guys that get overlooked sometimes. Guys like Gabriel and Tyson Kidd could wrestle for this title on whichever show decides to host it. This would make the lesser shows a little better than a house show, but still not as good as Raw or Smackdown.

If the WWE could execute these small changes, maybe the WWE Universe will stop flooding forums with rants about misused talent.

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