WWE: Analyzing John Cena's Injury. What Now For The Champ?

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of www.fanswrestling.com


The WWE Universe woke up this morning to some somber news regarding the newly crowned WWE Champion, John Cena. WWE.com has reported that Cena has suffered a serious injury while competing on the annual WWE European Tour. While battling Ryback, Cena tore his Achilles tendon during the one on one confrontation.

This injury has come at a very inconvenient time, since Cena is scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against Ryback at the Extreme Rules pay per view on May 19th. There isn’t any word as to what the next step will be to cover the void in this match; one would have to wonder if this would be to Rybacks benefit if Cena truly cannot compete.

However, the timing of this injury can rightfully make people scratch their heads as well. It is fair to ask if this match was in fact going to happen in the first place since there was not a significant stipulation that was attached to this contest. Extreme Rules is a pay per view where every match has a special stipulation, whether it be a cage match, no DQ, ladder, etc. However, this match has been booked for the past couple of weeks without any specific clauses or rules.

In addition to the questioning, one must ask if Ryback was ready for this moment in the spotlight yet, or does he need a little more time for his heel character to season. Ryback’s heel persona quite frankly could be the most intriguing element on Raw at this moment. Throwing Ryback into this match, being repackaged just to lose to Cena could be a high risk of damaging the challenger. In addition, a disqualification would not apply, since this is a pay per view that essentially doesn’t have any DQ’s and/or count outs. If this is the case, then this is WWE’s way of elongating and adding to the Ryback heel character, since this is an obvious investment for his future.

The hidden benefit to this, if Cena truly is injured, is that he’ll finally get some significant rest and allow his body to reset. Cena has not had sufficient time off since his time away from the ring in the end of 2007 when he filmed 12 Rounds (but the WWE told us he tore his rotator cup). Even during that time off, he was still working since he was filming a movie. Another added benefit to this, since Cena is suffering from the same injury as NBA star Kobe Bryant, we may get some entertaining live tweets from the WWE Champion during the pay per view.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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