WWE Neglecting Extreme Rules Undercard

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of mainevent.com.au

The undercard of a pro wrestling event is used to warm up the crowd for the main event. You must have interesting undercard matches or the crowd will be bored and rowdy by time the main card starts. Nothing is worse than fan aggravation rolling over into the main card. It could ruin an event.

The WWE so far has spent little to no time on developing undercard feuds, and the Extreme Rules pay-per-view might suffer because of it.

It seems like every midcard talent so far has either been in a pointless filler match or jobbed for one of the stars already in the main event. Kofi Kingston should definitely be on the card seeing as he’s the United States Champion, but instead he’s having pointless matches with Dolph Ziggler. Some may argue that Tons of Funk should be at Extreme Rules since they were cut from Wrestlemania last minute, but instead we get to see them play tug of war with Mark Henry.

Is the WWE purposely putting 100 percent of the focus on the main card?

The main card isn’t good enough to carry the whole show. So far the confirmed matches we have are a triple threat World Heavyweight Championship match and Brock LesnarTriple for the third time. We also have a hobbled John Cena taking on a wrestler that most fans are on the fence about in Ryback. Is that really enough to make a show?

Maybe the WWE could just flip fans the bird and have Mark Henry and Sheamus play tug of war again and have a Fandango-Tons of Funk dance-off.

Extreme Rules should remind fans of the glory days of ECW. It’s one day a year that hardcore fans with a hatred for the PG era can enjoy all of the amazing spots and carnage of the old WWE. So far, the WWE appears to be taking a PPV off and is giving us a vanilla flavored PPV.

The WWE can’t afford to take a PPV off, even if there is no immediate threat to their pro wrestling dominance. The loyal fans of the WWE don’t deserve it, and I hope the creative team starts working fast to fix this problem.

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