Future of The Miz in WWE

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of machinimapalooza.com

The Miz showed a promising future in the WWE, but everything has seemed to go stagnant as of late. Sometimes superstars just don’t reach their full potential. Is this what’s happened to the Miz?

It’s hard to believe the reality TV star even got this far. I’m sure when he came in to the WWE, nobody thought he’d win multiple championships, including the WWE Championship, but he shattered all expectations. He took the WWE by storm and became one of the most popular superstars.

Unfortunately, it’s very rare to see the Miz in high profile matches anymore, and besides a one day Intercontinental Championship reign, he hasn’t held a belt in a long time. So is this the end of the Miz?

Some might argue the WWE is taking time to develop the character and ring skills, but isn’t it a little late for that? Superstars are lucky to get one push. Miz has gotten chances at being both a top face and a top heel. It’s hard to believe the WWE will spend any more time on his character.

It’s not all bad for the Miz. It seems the WWE would like to develop him into a color commentator which is something he has a true talent for. It seemed as though he’d be the long term commentator for Main Event, but now it appears the WWE would like to keep that position open to test out future commentators. Between him, Brad Maddox, and John Bradshaw, the WWE will have a tough decision when it comes time to replace Jerry Lawler.

If he doesn’t find a home behind the announcers table, he could always get the Matt Striker treatment. It’s a little embarrassing to be interviewing superstars when you were once one yourself, but at least he’d remain in the WWE. He may even be involved in a few feuds.

If the Miz is truly done as a wrestler, I hope he won’t leave the WWE. If there’s one thing more embarrassing than being a backstage reporter, it’s not accepting that you just can’t make it.

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