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Top 5 Candidates to Overthrow John Cena

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Top Candidates to Overthrow John Cena

John Cena
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John Cena has dominated the WWE for 10 years now. As of late, fans have been begging for a change.

Long gone are the days of thuganomics and rap battles. Now fans are treated to a kid friendly Cena that always seems to overcome the odds no matter how high they're stacked against him. This annoys most hardcore fans.

It's hard to love somebody that is consistently booked as the underdog. Even against wrestlers that are obviously not going to defeat the champ, Cena is still booked as if the odds aren't in his favor. Kids may fall for this, and women might be to distracted by the muscles to care, but the hardcore fans of the WWE need more.

With all of the talent in the WWE, it's odd that they put all of their time and effort into building up talent just so Cena can smash them down. It's happened for 10 years now and you can't blame the fans for getting restless.

To the fans of the attitude era, Cena symbolizes the era they all despise. They would like nothing more than to see him pass the torch to a wrestler that symbolizes both eras equally. Here's a list of superstars that would fit that mold.

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Ryback has all of the tools needed to be the company's top babyface. What he lacks in mic skills, he makes up for with brutality and showmanship. Ryback was over with the crowd until the WWE decided to turn him heel to create another lamb to sacrifice to Cena. Maybe the WWE can pay him back by letting him replace the man that has caused him so much suffering.

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Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro is perfect for the role of a top babyface. He has the mic skills and the move set of a future champion and fan favorite. Unfortunately, the WWE did not think outside the box with his character and instead booked him as a smug European. If they gave him a chance to be a face, I think they'd be surprised with what he could accomplish. They could at least give him a shot to make up for this terrible yodeling gimmick.

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Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes
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Cody Rhodes would still belong in the WWE, even if he didn't come from a family of high profile wrestlers. Just look at his match last Raw with Randy Orton. That was a high quality pay-per-view level match, and we got to see it on free television. If he works that hard on a match with no feud back story on cable television, then think of what he could do when booked correctly. I'm positive that nobody would complain if Cody Rhodes became the face of the company as long as he kept that level of match quality.

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CM Punk

CM Punk
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Nobody can deny that CM Punk is a pure genius on the mic. His pipe bombs are among the best in WWE history. I'm not just talking about his work as a heel. He also crafts great face promos, too. With his attitude era style and rants about WWE ice cream bars, CM Punk is just the guy the WWE needs to bring back all the hardcore fans. He's not only good on the mic though. He is arguably the best worker in the WWE. When people think of a replacement for Cena, Punk's name is the first that comes to most people's minds, but I think there is one superstar that's better.

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Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan
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Daniel Bryan is the obvious choice for the face of the company post-Cena. He is hands down the most technical wrestler in all of wrestling. He also has another trait. He takes any situation given to him, and he makes the best out of it. He took a one word chant and made it the biggest pop that anybody gets every show. When fans are bored, yes chants. When fans are excited, yes chants. When fans are hungry and want to go get a snack, yes chants. There is never a bad time to bust out the yes chant. Not only did he start a chanting sensation, he took an 18 second WrestleMania loss and a questionable pairing with Kane, and he pulled them off with style. If there's anything this company needs, it's more Daniel Bryan!

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