The Shield Winning Tag Team Championship Would Be a Mistake

By Jeffers Kamper
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The Shield debuted at Survivor Series last year. At first they were only tormenting Ryback, but then they started getting bigger and bigger pushes. They went through John Cena, The Rock, and even The Undertaker on their quest to find justice in and unjust world.

Now it appears they’re being pushed into championship territory. The Shield have been feuding with Team Hell No ever since they faced off at TLC, but it seems like their match at Extreme Rules may have titles on the line. A lot of fans want to see the Shield hold the titles, but I think it would be a big mistake.

If the Shield thinks that the WWE is unjust, then why would they want the Tag Team Championship? It doesn’t make sense for them to wear a representation of everything they hate around their waist. It would be awkward to see the Shield come out of the crowd holding the titles. Not to mention somebody would be left without a title.

If this is the direction the WWE wants to go then there are ways to pull it off.

The Shield could go NWO on the belts and spray paint all over it. I think this moment is classic enough for the Shield to reenact. It would be an iconic moment in the WWE, and let the world know how much the WWE is behind the Shield.

Of course, a complete title overhaul wouldn’t be bad either. I’ve hated the design ever since it debuted, and I don’t blame superstars for not wanting to form tag teams to chase the belts. It should be a punishment to wear that thing around your waist. Maybe a design like the new WWE Championship would look good on the Shield.

The last thing the WWE would have to do is give the odd man out a midcard title. I believe this would be Dean Ambrose because he is the most ready for the main event. This way the whole team has a belt as the US title is already ripe for Ambrose to take. I’m wondering if the point of the sudden title change was to get the belt in a babyface’s hands so a member of the Shield could claim it. If the Shield is really going to be as big as predicted, then expect the midcard title to turn into the World Heavyweight Championship or even the WWE Championship.

I’m still against the Shield accepting the title of champion from a company they call unjust, but if it has to happen, I hope they at least do it right. The Shield have a good thing going, and I’d hate to see it end due to laziness.

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