Chris Jericho Saves Fandango and WWE Again

By Jeffers Kamper
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Last Monday on Raw, I was given an unexpected treat when Chris Jericho‘s music hit and he walked to the ring. Unfortunately, I might as well have been watching an episode of Raw from the road to Wrestlemania.

The WWE has decided on another rematch for the Extreme Rules card, but this one is different. Unlike Brock Lesnar vs Triple H, there didn’t seem to be any bad blood after Wrestlemania between Jericho and Fandango. Besides an attack on the Raw after Wrestlemania, the two seemed to have parted ways. Jericho continued touring with his band, and Fandango continued… dancing.

The match-up seemed a little desperate, and I think I know why. On the Raw after Wrestlemania, the Fandangoing epidemic started. Nobody expected the crowd to start humming Fandango’s music and dancing, not even the WWE. Of course, the WWE had to exploit this with t-shirts and foam Fandangoing fingers.

Finally, the WWE had a brief moment of clarity and realized they forgot to develop a feud for their top rising star. The WWE and Fandango could have been really hurt by this mistake, but they always have a superstar on speed dial to bail them out.

That’s where Jericho comes in. He swoops in and saves the company that built him. This is where Jericho differs from most WWE veterans because he never passes up an opportunity to help the WWE. Besides The Rock, Jericho is the only superstar that seems to do this. Most former superstars spend too much time complaining about their time in the WWE. They complain about things that happened near the end of their careers instead of remembering everything the WWE did for them.

The WWE doesn’t need help that often, but when they do it’d be nice to have a roster of retired superstars willing to come back for one last feud. Until that happens, the WWE will always have Jericho to call. They may even decide to reward him with a championship for his selflessness.

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