Scenarios for The Shield After WWE Extreme Rules

By Jeffers Kamper
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The future of The Shield depends on their upcoming match with Team Hell No. They’ve dominated the 2013 WWE season so far, but things may change at Extreme Rules.

Two weeks ago at Smackdown, Dean Ambrose had a match with The Undertaker. While it was highly doubtful that Ambrose would end up with the victory, his loss still made me think. The WWE may be trying to book The Shield as exclusively a three man team. When the whole team is together, nobody can stop them, but take one member out and their weaknesses show.

If this is what the WWE is trying to do, expect The Shield to lose at Extreme Rules and the story of their individual failures to grow.

The last scenario was a bit of a stretch. The Shield have dominated the WWE so far, and they don’t show signs of stopping. The Shield will likely win the titles at Extreme Rules, but what happens after?

I personally believe it’s more likely that the member that isn’t involved in the tag team title match will win a midcard title. That way no member of The Shield is booked as the weakest link, and I think Ambrose should be the lone wolf since he’s a proven singles competitor. This way, Ambrose could climb up the WWE ladder like he’s destined to do, and The Shield can still be together.

The less likely alternative involves a break up. Two members of The Shield will win the Tag Team Championship, and the last one will feel left out and break off with the group. I think in this scenario, the odd man out would be Seth Rollins, and that way one of the babyfaces in the company could befriend Rollins and convert him to the face team. Then, Rollins and his new friend could feud with The Shield.

I haven’t thought of any face wrestlers that are on Rollins’ level, but maybe Kofi Kingston is good enough.

Whatever direction the WWE decides to take with The Shield, I hope they don’t take the passive route and just have a Team Hell No rematch at the next PPV. It’s time to give another tag team a chance.

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