Title Matches for Every Member of The Shield at WWE Extreme Rules

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of Metacafe.com

There were a few scenarios the WWE could have taken with The Shield, but it looks like they want to push them all the way to the top. Their dominance should officially begin at Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Every member of The Shield is currently scheduled in a title match at Extreme Rules. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will take on Team Hell No for the Tag Team Championship, while Dean Ambrose will take on Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship.

At first, I was a little torn about giving the Shield control over almost half of the WWE championships. But after getting a larger sample size, these guys definitely deserve it. They’re ring work is amazing, and their teamwork is even better. Some of the moves they pull off are so creative, and they are able to execute complicated three-man moves flawlessly. If there is one stable in WWE history that deserves to dominate the WWE like this, I’m glad it’s this one.

The fact that Dean Ambrose gets to hold the singles title makes this even better. It’s no secret that Ambrose is destined for great things in the WWE. It’s good that they’ll let him flourish in the singles division while still being a part of The Shield. Maybe he could unify the mid-card titles by winning the Intercontinental Championship. Maybe he could win a main-event championship. The sky is the limit for this growing superstar.

There is also an interesting angle the WWE could take. Since The Shield is a three-man team, maybe they could hold a three-man title match. It would be interesting to see two titles being competed for in the same match. This could even launch a three-man tag division. It’s doubtful they would do this with a depleted tag division, but anything could happen.

Of course, all of this can only happen if each member of The Shield wins their respective matches. I can’t see any member of The Shield losing their match at Extreme Rules. The WWE may make some questionable calls when it comes to their creative decisions, but they know when they have a good thing going. The Shield is definitely a good thing.

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