WWE May Use Extreme Rules To Put Over Fandango and Ryback

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of viralvidcollections.com

In the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view, there are two matches that include young superstars against veterans of the business. It’s very common to put over newer talent with proven superstars, but will the WWE put over both superstars this Sunday?

Fandango already beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. So why did the WWE decide to have a rematch? WWE may have regretted the decision to make Jericho look weak, and they’ve decided to right the wrong and let Jericho gain the upper hand in the feud.

While that’s highly probable, I believe that the WWE wants to push Fandango even higher. While he did win at Wrestlemania, it was a cheap win. I think this time the WWE wants to give him a clean push into the main event. I know it’s rare for a superstar to totally bypass the midcard, but I wouldn’t rule it out in today’s WWE, especially when Vince McMahon himself loves your act.

Ryback is a different story. The WWE has had countless opportunities to put him over, but every time they found a fluke way to get out of it. Whether it was The Shield attacking or Brad Maddox with the low blow, the WWE has gotten out of putting him over.

The fans are tired of it, however. They either want to see a push or have him put back in the midcard. The Goldberg chants overtook the “feed me more” chants, and now he is heel. If they aren’t going to let him win, then why even have him at the top? Extreme Rules will be the turning point.

Jericho and John Cena have a decision to make. Will they use their pull in the company to ensure a win or will they pass the torch? Jericho has proven himself as a selfless veteran, but John Cena hasn’t done this yet. Maybe Sunday will be the start of a new Cena. Maybe he will share some of the spotlight. Maybe this is the start of a new era in the WWE. Probably not, but a guy can hope can’t he?

It’s highly unlikely that Cena will put over Ryback Sunday, so nothing will really change. I hope WWE fans stock up on anti-depressants because it looks like there will be 10 more years of Cenation.

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