Dolph Ziggler Pulled From Extreme Rules

By Damian Seeto
Dolph Ziggler Missing Extreme Rules
Image courtesy of Snerkie via

The World Heavyweight Championship ladder match scheduled for Extreme Rules is no longer happening. This is because Dolph Ziggler suffered a serious concussion last week and isn’t cleared to wrestle yet.

Ladder matches are always fun to watch, and there’s no doubt that Ziggler would have been awesome in that type of match. Too bad his injury will prevent fans from seeing what could have been the best match on the entire card. His concussion was quite severe because he suffered from minor memory loss.

The Extreme Rules match has been changed to an “I Quit” match instead. Alberto Del Rio will face Jack Swagger for the chance to compete for a future World Title match possibly at the next PPV. This should be interesting since both men are at the top of their games right now, and I’m predicting Del Rio will win this match as WWE is not high on Swagger ever since he got busted for speeding and DUI earlier in the year.

As for Ziggler, he will have to wait for a few more weeks when he’ll be cleared to compete again. A concussion is a serious injury, and the last thing WWE would want to do is make the injury worse than it already is. Before the company imposed strict rules regarding injuries, most wrestlers back in the day still competed even while injured because they feared they would lose money. Nowadays, WWE is kind enough to pay talent for their medical bills. This is a good thing as it ensures talent remains fit and healthy.

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