Possible Outcome of Extreme Rules Main Event

By RantSports Staff
Courtesy of WWECUADOR

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Brock Lesnar will defeat Triple H on Sunday at Extreme Rules, or at least it should be. The two will square off for the third time since SummerSlam 2012 in a steel cage match, and it’s likely this will be the conclusion of their feud.

Some will argue that the feud should have been concluded after Lesnar defeated Triple H in their first match, and I’d agree with that. Others would say that the feud should have ended when Triple H got his win back at WrestleMania, and I’d agree with that as well. Nevertheless, this is what we’re getting at the next pay-per-view so let’s try to think of a good outcome.

WWE.com put up an interesting post this week which pondered the thought of there being another “Paul Heyman Guy.” It included insight from current stars like The Miz who wondered what Heyman would have to offer him. Kofi Kingston also mentioned that anyone who isn’t interested in having Paul Heyman as a representative would be foolish.

It could be interesting to see either one of these two have some role in the main event and help give Lesnar the win. Miz and Kingston are both babyfaces, so there would be more shock value in one of those two doing the deed for Heyman’s guy. Triple H could then move on from his feud with Lesnar and work with either one of these two at the next pay-per-view.

There’s also one more person we should keep in mind – CM Punk. I’m aware that he’s on a hiatus from wrestling, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have any involvement in this match. Don’t be surprised if you see Punk preventing Triple H from escaping the cage, allowing Lesnar to exit with the win. This scenario could lead to a CM Punk vs. Triple H rematch from Night of Champions 2011 when Punk eventually returns so Punk could get his win back this time.

People could be saying that Punk shouldn’t show up on TV until he’s ready to make his official comeback. Steve Austin was on a hiatus himself from November 1999 to September 2000. In the middle of that time, he showed up at Backlash to assist The Rock in a WWF Championship win over none other that Triple H. So, no, it’s not unlikely that Punk would come back for one night during his time off to make an impact.

The Shield could also have some play in this match, but I don’t see anything coming out of it if they did. It would likely be a random attack, similar to Nexus randomly burying The Undertaker alive at Bragging Rights 2010. We already know Paul Heyman hired the Shield in November, so it really wouldn’t be unexpected to see them attack Triple H.

Several outcomes are possible in this main-event, but something has to happen that will keep the ball rolling. Otherwise, it’s just a couple of part-timers who won’t be back headlining another pay-per-view. Lesnar could win this match clean like he did the first time at SummerSlam, but that wouldn’t result in further material for either one of the two.

I’m interested to see what they end up doing.

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