WWE Labels Antonio Cesaro As "Boring"

By Damian Seeto
Antonio Cesaro In WWE
Image courtesy of Snerkie via Flickr.com

When Antonio Cesaro debuted in the WWE last year, big things were expected from him. Now, it seems the company has lost interest in him altogether because they think that he’s “boring.”

A part of me somewhat agrees with the WWE officials. When Cesaro first came into the company, he was nothing more than the usual “anti-American” heel that badmouthed the country and its citizens. Not to mention, his matches were predictable and uneventful too. He would just come in, do a few moves and win the match. He did the same routine for nearly six months and he was not getting over it in the slightest.

When 2013 rolled on, Cesaro was still the US Champion, although he wasn’t getting booked in any meaningful feuds. To put even more salt in the wound, he was not even booked at WrestleMania 29. WWE didn’t even bother to put him on the pre-show either.

A few weeks after WrestleMania 29, Cesaro abruptly lost his US Title to Kofi Kingston. This was a clear sign that the company had given up on him for good. They tried to make him more interesting by giving him a yodeling gimmick, but that failed to excite fans.

As it stands right now, WWE likes Cesaro as a “wrestler” but feels he’s lacking in the personality department. Maybe WWE should give him a persona that makes him more interesting. A possible scenario is when CM Punk comes back, he could align with Punk and form a “Ring of Honor” heel faction. For now, Cesaro continues to get buried on WWE television as he has not won a match in several weeks.

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