Why Fans Secretly Do Not Want A John Cena Heel Turn

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of wrestling-match.com

There seems to be this common mystique and element that has enveloped the WWE Universe of hopefully one day seeing the #1 babyface of the company, who happens to be the WWE champion, officially turn heel. Since November 2003, we have consistently seen John Cena pop in and out of our television sets playing the proverbial good-guy superhero role of the company. We have grown accustomed to any main event, whether it is on pay per view or television, to have Cena playing the role of the straightforward protagonist. For years now, fans have blown up the internet message boards and social media sites demanding that they want to see a heel turn occur with him. But if this were to happen, would fans really be satisfied?

Hulk Hogan shocked the world in June of 1996 when he revealed himself to be the 3rd member of The Outsiders group to eventually form the NWO (New World Order). Hogan’s historic heel turn single handedly changed professional wrestling for good, even to the point where we still feel the effects of it today in 2013. While fans would naturally compare a Cena heel turn to what Hogan did, the two would not be able to compare. Hogan turning heel changed the direction of pro wrestling overall, giving it the edge and implementing the element of danger into the product. Today’s wrestling product would not experience this same benefit since the WWE heavily depends on its shareholders and ad revenues.

Cena, being a heel, would actually be a step down for the superstar since Cena would then be equivalent to the other superstars that seem to jump ship every couple of years. Cena, being the baby face that he is, is what makes him stand apart from the rest of the wrestling world. Between WWE and TNA, there is only one superstar that has been a top face and it would be Cena. The Rock could arguably be set in that equation as well, but Cena has the more active track record in last 10 years.

Cena turning heel would drastically change the dynamic of the company in terms of not being the residential superhero. Sure, the immediate effect of it would be buzz worthy, but long lasting? Maybe not. Fans currently boo Cena because he is the clean, picture-perfect protagonist that we somewhat admire but refuse to admit it. So if Cena turns and all of a sudden he’s humanized like the rest of us, then he’s no longer different. What are then left with? We go back to booing. So it’s not a question of if he ever will turn heel, but more so, why do we want him to be heel when he’s what we want already?


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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