WWE Extreme Rules May Start Heel Dominated Era

By Jeffers Kamper
Photo Courtesy of Braiden Mescall

Ever since the PG era started, the WWE has been dominated by face wrestlers. The good guys win to make the kids happy. At Extreme Rules, that may change.

The WWE has been seemingly reloading its heel roster since the start of the year. First, The Shield came into the business and was instantly given a push. Then, Dolph Ziggler was given the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, Ryback is a heel and is instantly being given a title shot. Is this just an effect of the depleted heel roster or is the WWE trying to push more heels?

We’ll find out for sure this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Dolph Ziggler is guaranteed to keep his title due to an injury, but Ryback and every member of The Shield all have title shots. There’s a real chance that four titles will be given to heels. Four title-changes in one night is a rare occurrence, but it’s even rarer that each of the title changes are face to heel.

Even if Ryback is to lose again John Cena this Sunday, CM Punk is scheduled to come back soon, and I’m sure he will instantly be given a push to a title shot. It’s a big possibility that Punk will become a top star in the business. Maybe we’ll finally get those WWE ice cream bars.

What does this mean for the PG era? Will the kids still be satisfied knowing that the bad guys are winning? In other generations, I would say no. But in our current generation, I think the WWE may be able to pull it off. Kids are mature faster than the old days due to being exposed to the real world much earlier. I think the time is right for heel domination.

It’s not certain that the WWE will go in this direction, but the signs are all there. We all just have to wait until Sunday and see what unfolds.

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